Full catering is available with a wide variety of menu items to suit both your culinary tastes and budget.
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A selection of assorted baked goods, fruit, vegetable and cheese platters for smaller events, meetings and socials. Freshly brewed coffee, specialty teas and other non-alcoholic beverages are available.


A range of breakfast buffets for morning events, including classic continental, hot and healthy. Each buffet includes freshly brewed coffee, a variety of specialty teas and ice water. Gluten-free and dairy-free options are available.


A range of lunch buffets for afternoon events, including sandwich, pasta and pizza. Customize your meal with a build-your-own-buffet option.


A variety of dinner buffets for evening events. Customize your meal with a wide selection of salads, accompaniments, vegetables and entrees. Vegetarian dinner options are available.


A selection of cold or hot reception-style options. Platters, dips, sandwiches, wraps, fruit and desserts are available.


A selection of domestic beers, ciders and coolers from Vancouver Island, as well as premium import beer and wine from British Columbia. A variety of non-alcoholic fruit juices and soft drinks are also available.