Dinner Buffets

Minimum of 40 People

All buffet dinners are served with fresh rolls and butter, fresh fruit and dessert trays, freshly
brewed coffee, herbal tea and ice water.

  • Option 1
    $29.95 per person
    Choice of:

    2 salads
    2 accompaniments
    1 vegetable
    1 entrée
    1 vegetarian entrée

  • Option 2
    $34.95 per person
    Choice of:

    3 salads
    2 accompaniments
    1 vegetable
    1 entrée
    2 vegetarian entrees

  • Option 3
    $39.95 per person
    Choice of:

    4 salads
    2 accompaniments
    2 vegetables
    2 entrees
    2 vegetarian entrees

  • Choice of Salads
    Mixed Organic Greens (GF, V)
    Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Italian Dressing (V)
    Traditional Caesar Salad (GF option)
    Red Potato Salad with a Dijon Scallion Mayonnaise (GF, DF)
    Greek Salad with Balsamic & Olive Oil Vinaigrette (GF, V option)
    Pasta Salad with Sun Dried Tomatoes (V)
    Thai Noodle Salad with Asian Dressing
    Spinach Salad with Yogurt Dill Dressing (GF, V option)
    Asian Cucumber Salad with Soya Sauce Vinaigrette (V)
  • Choice of Accompaniments
    Rice Pilaf (GF, V)
    Herb Roasted Potatoes (GF, V)
    Orzo with Roasted Garlic & Caramelized Onions (V)
    Candied Yams or Parsnips with Ginger (GF, V)
    Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes(GF)
    Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes (GF)
    Bread stuffing with Cranberry and Apples (V) – served with Roasted Turkey
  • Choice of Vegetables
    Fresh Garden Peas with Pearl Onions (GF, V)
    Carrots tossed in Sweet Honey Dill (GF, DF, V option)
    Broccoli with Lemon Butter (GF)
    Cauliflower with Cheddar Sauce
    Medley of Seasonal Vegetables (GF, V)
  • Choice of Entrees
    Roasted Herb Chicken (GF, DF)
    Chicken Parmigiana with a Rich Tomato Sauce
    Lemon & Oregano Marinated Mediterranean Chicken (GF, DF)
    Carved Roast Beef served with a Merlot Reduction (GF, DF roast beef only)
    Prime Rib & Yorkshire Pudding with Au Jus * (GF, DF)
    Baked Fillet of Sole in a Lemon Cream Sauce
    B.C. Baked Fillet of Salmon * (GF, DF)
    Honey Glazed Ham with Dijon Mustard (GF, DF)
    Roast Pork Medallions with Apple Chutney (GF, DF)
    Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (DF)
    Three Cheese Meat Lasagna
    Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Sauce and Turkey Gravy* (GF, DF turkey and cranberry sauce only)
  • Choice of Vegetarian Entrees
    Cheese Tortellini with a Roasted Pepper Cream Sauce
    Linguini with a Cream Portobello Mushroom Sauce
    Red Thai Curry with Mushrooms, Onions & Tofu (GF, V)
    Three Cheese Vegetarian Lasagna
    Vegetarian Enchiladas (GF option)

GF – gluten free V – vegan (dairy free) DF – dairy free

* Subject to Market Prices

All prices are subject to applicable taxes and 15% gratuity
Prices are subject to change