Coffee Breaks/ A La Carte Menu



Freshly brewed coffee, specialty teas, and ice water (minimum 12 people) $2.75/person
Chilled pitcher of fruit juice (serves 10) $9.95/pitcher
Chilled pitcher of iced tea (serves 10) $9.95/pitcher
Regular or diet soft drinks (355 ml) $2.25/each
Assorted bottled fruit juices (473 ml) $3.00/each

Fresh Baked Goods


Assorted muffins (large)   $2.00/piece
Assorted muffins (regular)    $1.50/piece
Assorted cookies (regular)   $1.25/piece
Croissants (min. order 1 doz.)  $2.95/piece
Scones (min. order 1 doz.)   $2.95/piece
Danish pastries (min. order 1 doz.)  $2.95/piece
Assorted bagels & cream cheese (toaster provided)  $2.95/piece
Apple Turnover (min. order 1 doz.)  $2.95/piece
Zucchini loaf (min. order 2 doz. pieces)   $2.95/piece
Coffee cake (min. order 2 doz. pieces)  $2.95/piece

Healthy Options

Regular serves approximately 15, large serves approximately 30.


Whole fruit (apples, bananas and oranges) $1.75 /piece
Sliced seasonal fruit platters (regular and large) $55.00 / $110.00
Hummus with pita (regular and large) $25.00 / $50.00
Crudités and dip (regular and large)    $30.00/ $60.00
Cheese Platter (regular and large)   $60.00/$120.00

Gluten Free

Cookies (min. order 8 of each selection) – Chocolate chip, macadamia & white chocolate   $2.50/piece
Muffins (min. order 4 of each selection) – Banana walnut, morning glory, raspberry  $2.50/piece

Gluten and Dairy Free

Cookies  $2.50/piece
Muffins  $4.95/piece

All prices are subject to applicable taxes and 15% gratuity

Prices are subject to change

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